¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡! Inktober 2015 !¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡

I thought I would gather up all the Inktober drawings here, so they could be viewed in their entirety. There were a couple of duds in there, but overall I think it was a pretty successful year.

The Farm Truck is rollin'!

That's right, it took a little while, but I finally finished up all the anthropomorphic veggies! Keep your eyes open for this sweet ride pulling up in a neighborhood near you. It's tricked out with solar panels, refrigeration, generators, and mechanical produce racks that extend out Transformer style!


A-Town Get Down 2015

Last weekend was the 2015 A-Town Get Down Festival. I've had the pleasure of working as the Arts Coordinator with this fine group of folks for the last three Get Downs, and it just keeps getting better every year! Here's a recap of what went down. 


Oh man, it's finally here again. The month-long goal of drawing everyday, which inevitably has me drawing in transit, at work, on the dancefloor, and wherever else I may be when the drawing urge hits. 

I made the mark last year, so as an extra challenge to myself , I'm going to attempt to blog my daily progress also.  

Here's my kickoff image, which will be auctioned off at the Jinx this saturday to raise money for Keith Kozel's new kidney.  


YMCA Mural

It's been a long time in the making, but we're finally just about ready to get started painting over at the West Broad YMCA. 

Here's a nice little article our pal Lauren Flotte did up for us over at Connect.

This is the final design, along with some of the original pieces created by the kids. Our process was to do workshops with the kids over a series of weeks and have them create works inspired by their time at the YMCA. After we had stacks of drawings- we photocopied them, cut out various elements, and collectively collaged them onto a wall in the cafeteria that had been mapped out to the scale of the wall. They got to talk about themes within the mural and how and why to group things or allow space. They're all pretty excited about it, as are we; hope you feel the same way. Enjoy!