The Unchained Tour, Heart-Shaped Tour: September 2012

 Went out on my second tour with the Unchained tour last month. The bus stayed strong, even up in the mountains around Asheville, which was a pleasant surprise to all involved. One of my favorite parts about the whole thing- besides getting to be in the presence of all these remarkable folks and travel all around the southeast- is that once I drive the bus where it needs to be, I get to hang out and watch everyone else run around and get ready for the shows. This gives me plenty of time to observe and capture moments in my sketchbook, both on and off stage.
The musicians in a few of the pics are from the Mike Dillon Band who played after our show in Boone, NC, and I must say, completely rocked that place! It was one of those great moments I love when you just stumble upon an incredible live show.  Also, there's one drawing in here that wasn't done by me; that drawing was done by Neil Gaiman. We have this nice little nook on the bus that has two bench seats facing each other with a table in between, diner style, and this is where Neil sat most of the time. I made the proposal that if he were to get bored on any of our commutes and wanted to doodle, I had the perfect piece of paper for him to do so, which was of course a page in my sketchbook- so I left it out on the table and he did so.

Mike Dillon Band

Trombonist/Marimba player with the Mike Dillon Band.
This girl had every guy in the place falling in love. 

My recollection of the Nina Simone statue in Tryon, NC.
Here's a picture of the actual statue.

Drawing by Neil Gaiman
I got stuck in the film room operating the house lights one night. I was too far removed from  everybody to really do any observational drawing, so here's what resulted. I'll swallow your soul!!!

Cute, snorty, little dog having a siesta outside the book shop in Spartanburg.