The Unchained Tour: Deep (Freeze) South Tour 2013

This happened at the beginning of the year, but I wanted to splash some color in quite a few of the drawings and wanted to wait to post them all together. So, enough excuses, here they are.

The Crew. Shot by the all around rad dude Andrew "VG" Scarlet.

Getting warmed up the first night, just outside ATL.


Annie Duke taught us all how to make millions at playing cards, well the knowledge is there in theory, putting it into play is another story. 

Our Fearless Leader GDG, got a haircut. 

Christopher Paul Stelling floored us every night with his incredible performances. 

KFW, Writing the Good Write.

Tim wasn't actually creeping on Kimberley, that's just how it looks once I piled up all the drawings. 

Anita and Frankie in Oxford.

Micaela, maybe one of these days we'll be doing a book together. (wink, hint)

Out Of Step

This was a great night, as if you couldn't tell by how weird this drawing is.

The many faces of Tim Manley.


Whipped up this bird on the spot so Kimberley could get her first bit of ink installed. Quite an honor to have done it. Thanks, KFW!

Found this at Vertical House Records in Huntsville, AL. Great record, great place!