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We got the cover and a write up in Connect for our ventures during the Miami Art Fairs.

Check the article here.

To top it all off, Matt and I made the next issue's cover too. Each with our own mini-covers to speak for this time though. That's mine third in from the left and second row from the bottom, the girl on the bike with a paintbrush. Matt's is the Before I Die chalkboard third down from the top on the left.

Art Basel Miami

We wrapped this whole RV in white vinyl

Mixed up a new batch of paint

…and got the photo booth backdrop ready.

Adolfo Hernandez, always on point.

Raabstract and the Soda Shop

Our good buddy Patch Whisky was down a few blocks
where he had been painting for the last week. When he got
news of the wall next to his opening up, he gave us a holler.
Thanks Patch!

Rodney Duran holding it down on top of the
Whisky Mobile.

Keepin' the block on lock. That's Patch's work over there on the left. 

Always good to see Michael Scoggins' work. 

Here are some other things that caught my eye.