Mural in Hutchinson, KS

I was back in my hometown of Hutchinson, KS this past month to sling some paint around. Saw good friends that I hadn't seen in a while, snagged some great records on the cheap, and got to lay down this mural in a prime location of downtown. Real good trip indeed. Big big thanks go out to Jennifer Randall who set this whole thing up, and has been doing wonders for bringing life back to downtown Hutchinson. 

Photo by Jennifer Randall

End of the first day. 

Funny chance event that my good friend Pat Calvillo just happened to be back in Hutch at the same time, and was game to lay some color down. He truly saved the day. 

Very good friend of mine, Santalena, helped me out a lot by letting me utilize her Zumba studio just down the block to get out of the sun and get hydrated. Here she is with her wonderful son, Drazan, putting some finishing touches on. 

Photo by Kristen Garlow Piper

I was hounding Pat about getting his game tight. I mean look at this, the Pattilac tag is just waiting for him to claim it. 

This is the waterpark adjacent to the mural. I would fill up the waterbuckets here each morning. The mural is about 50 feet to the left. Kids would go crazy over here from sunup to sundown. 

From all the way across the park. Main St. & Ave. A Hutchinson, KS. 

Figure done. One more half day getting those waves crisp. 

The Unchained Tour: Deep (Freeze) South Tour 2013

This happened at the beginning of the year, but I wanted to splash some color in quite a few of the drawings and wanted to wait to post them all together. So, enough excuses, here they are.

The Crew. Shot by the all around rad dude Andrew "VG" Scarlet.

Getting warmed up the first night, just outside ATL.


Annie Duke taught us all how to make millions at playing cards, well the knowledge is there in theory, putting it into play is another story. 

Our Fearless Leader GDG, got a haircut. 

Christopher Paul Stelling floored us every night with his incredible performances. 

KFW, Writing the Good Write.

Tim wasn't actually creeping on Kimberley, that's just how it looks once I piled up all the drawings. 

Anita and Frankie in Oxford.

Micaela, maybe one of these days we'll be doing a book together. (wink, hint)

Out Of Step

This was a great night, as if you couldn't tell by how weird this drawing is.

The many faces of Tim Manley.


Whipped up this bird on the spot so Kimberley could get her first bit of ink installed. Quite an honor to have done it. Thanks, KFW!

Found this at Vertical House Records in Huntsville, AL. Great record, great place!

Blick Art Materials: Wild Wednesday!!!!

Did another event at Blick Art Materials in Savannah, GA recently, which I am really enjoying. I decided to do a piece on the vibe of the store, while Kenny Watkins laid down the funk, which made for a nice working soundtrack. Also, I'm loving those Blick liquid watercolors, that's what I did most of the color with in this piece. 

One Spark: See SAW

Went down to Jacksonville last month to work on a mural as part of the One Spark crowdsourcing event. Matt Hebermehl set the whole thing up to raise some awareness and funds for SeeSAW. The weather was having some erratic behavior, but we found enough pockets of sun to get the thing done. Everybody there was really great to us. I look forward to doing some more in Jacksonville. 

A-Town Get Down

Had a great time this past weekend at the A-Town Get Down. Here are some pics of what I was able to capture. Unfortunately there is a lot that I don't have represented in these photos, mainly because I was painting with the ArtPort Shuffle.

One nice bonus to the whole thing was getting to meet and hang out with Peat 'Eyez' Wollaeger, who completed a very ambitious piece at the event.

We got the cover and a write up in Connect for our ventures during the Miami Art Fairs.

Check the article here.

To top it all off, Matt and I made the next issue's cover too. Each with our own mini-covers to speak for this time though. That's mine third in from the left and second row from the bottom, the girl on the bike with a paintbrush. Matt's is the Before I Die chalkboard third down from the top on the left.

Art Basel Miami

We wrapped this whole RV in white vinyl

Mixed up a new batch of paint

…and got the photo booth backdrop ready.

Adolfo Hernandez, always on point.

Raabstract and the Soda Shop

Our good buddy Patch Whisky was down a few blocks
where he had been painting for the last week. When he got
news of the wall next to his opening up, he gave us a holler.
Thanks Patch!

Rodney Duran holding it down on top of the
Whisky Mobile.

Keepin' the block on lock. That's Patch's work over there on the left. 

Always good to see Michael Scoggins' work. 

Here are some other things that caught my eye.

The Unchained Tour, Heart-Shaped Tour: September 2012

 Went out on my second tour with the Unchained tour last month. The bus stayed strong, even up in the mountains around Asheville, which was a pleasant surprise to all involved. One of my favorite parts about the whole thing- besides getting to be in the presence of all these remarkable folks and travel all around the southeast- is that once I drive the bus where it needs to be, I get to hang out and watch everyone else run around and get ready for the shows. This gives me plenty of time to observe and capture moments in my sketchbook, both on and off stage.
The musicians in a few of the pics are from the Mike Dillon Band who played after our show in Boone, NC, and I must say, completely rocked that place! It was one of those great moments I love when you just stumble upon an incredible live show.  Also, there's one drawing in here that wasn't done by me; that drawing was done by Neil Gaiman. We have this nice little nook on the bus that has two bench seats facing each other with a table in between, diner style, and this is where Neil sat most of the time. I made the proposal that if he were to get bored on any of our commutes and wanted to doodle, I had the perfect piece of paper for him to do so, which was of course a page in my sketchbook- so I left it out on the table and he did so.

Mike Dillon Band

Trombonist/Marimba player with the Mike Dillon Band.
This girl had every guy in the place falling in love. 

My recollection of the Nina Simone statue in Tryon, NC.
Here's a picture of the actual statue.

Drawing by Neil Gaiman
I got stuck in the film room operating the house lights one night. I was too far removed from  everybody to really do any observational drawing, so here's what resulted. I'll swallow your soul!!!

Cute, snorty, little dog having a siesta outside the book shop in Spartanburg.  

Unchained Tour

 I've been going out on the road with the Unchained Tour for the last handful of months. It's always a great time with great folks. Here are some doodles I did while out with them at the beginning of the year. I've got some more from our most recent outing, but the college won't let me in to use their scanners anymore- so until I scrap up the change to buy one of my own, I'll be posting old stuff I should have posted a long time ago.
A force to be experienced. 

The man responsible for this traveling circus.

Joan Juliet Buck and Mr. Aguero


Samita TCB Wolfe